You could call me unique: an organized creative.


 I've been a project manager, proofreader, creative writer, and graphic designer. I find beauty in clean lines and efficiency. I love bright colors and quick wits.


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  • You know the freelancers who work on their own schedules, run late, fail to set expectations, under-communicate and under-deliver? Maggie Kennedy is none of that. Fair warning...use her only if you're serious about a rollout, have a vision that's willing to receive outside creative feedback and actually want delivery. Your project is happening if you pull her in. She's one of the best, yet her invoices often don't reflect that secret. Steal her expertise now before the world finds out.
    — Molly Cain, GlassHeel
  • Let me just say Maggie rocks! She is efficient and creative and delivers projects on time, every time. She also thinks strategically and provides no-nonsense suggestions to make each project even better.
    — Shalissa Perry, Downtown Dallas, Inc.
  • Creatives sometimes get a bad rep for being flaky and hard to wrangle. Maggie, however, is a rare bird. Not only does she have an eye for all things design and the ability to craft killer copy, but her background in project management will guarantee your project is on time and all deliverables and details are accounted for.
    — Sarah McDonald, Lockton Dunning Benefits
  • As an event designer, it’s imperative I bring fresh, out of the box, custom ideas and designs to my clients. My favorite thing about Maggie is that even though she is a creative, she is willing to be a collaborator. Instead of pushing ideas on me, she takes my ideas, tweaks them, and then brings them to life. She is quick, flexible, reasonably-priced and great to work with. In my industry, good freelancers are hard to come by but an absolute necessity to a small business. Finding a great freelancer has been a breath of fresh air!
    — Alicia Aguilar, Charming Florals
  • After several years, presenting annual events offers a rebranding challenge to ensure a fresh and contemporary vibe. Maggie’s creativity and eagle eye for detail help glide you over hurdles and help produce crisp, eye catching event collateral.
    — Donovan Westover, Preservation Dallas
  • Maggie's the best. Not only does she create excellent work but apparently she's a mind reader. I always have a hard time describing what I want but, even with minimal direction, she's able to capture our brands and hit it out of the park.
    — Joshua Florence, Prolific Restauranteur
  • Maggie has been such a pleasure to work with!  She’s fun, enthusiastic, and not only produces quality work but does so in a timely manner. When I started working with her I was able to describe my vision, give her my projections for the future, and how I’d like my brand story told. After just one meeting she not only “got it” but she “got me” and illustrated my vision throughout every thread of my brand design. Because of her, I feel like my company finally has the strong, competitive brand identity it deserved. Thank you, Maggie!
    — Alexandra Paterson, Earned Ink

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Everybody needs help now and again. I've worked with startups and corporate clients: restaurants, nonprofits, retail, healthcare, and consultants. My work transcends industry.